COACHING for mums

Hey Mum!

Is it time to go back to work? Is it time to go back to your hobbies and passions? Or maybe time to figure out what is that you really would like to do?

Perhaps you feel like starting a new career or finding more time for your personal development but you don’t know where to start?

Or maybe you feel bad about wanting to do something only for yourself? ...Does that sound familiar?

I truly believe that child’s happiness starts with inner peace and happiness of their MUM. That’s why doing something for ourselves should be a priority. I also think that there is SO MANY different options and opportunities for you and some of them are unreachable only because we stick to false beliefs, opinions of others, thoughts telling us that this is impossible. But maybe there is other way, hmm?

That’s what I believe and if you agree with me or want to explore this thought, I say… Let’s try doing it together!

I would like to share this opportunity with you and invite you to my coaching space so you could try to find out how to understand and accept yourself first.. Exactly the way you are!

1. Let’s Catch up

4 x 30 minute sessions, to discuss dilemmas, find out what you are meant to pursue, make first step towards your goal.

2. Let’s take a walk

6 x 45 minute sessions, to identify your goal, find balance between what you love, desire and daily responsibilities, prioritise and plan, make a significant change in your life, fight your negative thoughts, strangling assumptions and beliefs.

3. Let’s take a journey

9 and more x 45 minute sessions, to transform your life, reach your goals and deepest dreams, find a balance between your body and spirit, your home and career life, challenge all strangling beliefs, begin a journey of self-development and significant growth.

*** Personally tailored sessions

Exploration and transformation tailored to your own needs, by combining different coaching methods, meditation, motivational techniques, discovering new strengths and goals.​

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